GSU boss with 20 police cars orders salute for his ‘First Lady’


GSU juniors are furious at their boss after he allegedly gave his family access to more than 10 official police cars.

The officers allege the senior officer made the allocation to his wife he has told them they must salute and refer to as ‘First Lady’.

The officers are complaining they do not have enough cars to use for patrols to stop the soaring crime.

They claimed he and his family are driven around with 16 police cars.

Their problems with their boss have pushed them to coin the term ‘General Suffering Unit’ in reference to the frustration with the force, the most feared in Kenya.

Speaking to The Nairobian on condition of anonymity, the junior officers claimed the man has allocated two Mercedes Benz, two Toyota Land cruiser cars, a Toyota Prado, a Passat with civilian registration and a Land Rover Discovery to his ‘First Lady’.

The other cars assigned to his family include and MG, Land Mark, Subaru, Toyota, two Grand Tigers, a Cheri GO, Toyota NZE and Tourist as well as a lorry.

“I know that the officer is allocated official cars,” police spokesperson Zipporah Mboroki told The Nairobian. But 16 cars is an extravagance and I doubt where that is what has been allocated to him.”

His juniors are also not happy with always having to salute the ‘First Lady’. The officers allege that they are abused and intimidated whenever they fail to salute the commandant’s wife.

“I have never heard of any police officers ask his juniors to salute his wife. I am sure that there is no way that he can order for his wife to be saluted,” Mboroki

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