Tuju daughters say mother mentally ill

Two daughters have filed an urgent suit to save their mother from criminal prosecution over allegations of assault.
Ms Alma Tuju and Ms Yma Tuju, who are former Cabinet minister Raphael Tuju’s twin daughters, claim their mother, Ms Ruth Akinyi, is not in her right senses and needs psychiatric help.
It is, therefore, a violation of her rights to bring criminal charges against her on matters over which she has no control, they say.
Through lawyer Khayega Chivai, the twins said that their mother is a danger to herself by informing people close to her that she is considering ending her life.
“She is also a danger to the public as she is prone to fits of rage and has attacked her servants. As a result of her uncontrolled anger, she has been charged in court when in reality she may not be responsible for her actions,” the lawyer said.
The twins are seeking a court order for their mother to be placed under psychiatric care by a doctor chosen by the immediate family, their mother’s uncle David Wanjare, her cousin Joseph Wanjare and sisters Sabina Achieng’, Rita Aluoch, Pamela Akeyo and Mary Ochieng’.
They also want an order that managers of their mother’s estate as well as her guardian be appointed from the listed family members.
The application was supported by the affidavit of Ms Alma Tuju, who swore that their mother brought them up well until recently when they noticed her behaviour and actions were erratic.
“Our mother deserves help, not condemnation since we believe the mother we grew up with is a good, morally upright woman, and the image of her we have seen recently cannot be reconciled with the mother who brought us up,” swore Alma.
According to Alma, they have been on the receiving end of their mother’s abnormal actions, which are unlike her, and which make them believe she is not responsible for the actions and requires psychiatric intervention.
She said that in November 2012, their mother took her clothes in a suitcase and hid it for two months and poured water on her twin sister, Yma’s computer.
“In the same period, she ordered both of us to leave home and go search for husbands and tried to harass us so that we could leave the residence,” she said.

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