Video:Husband forgives wife who plotted to kill him


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A Nairobi businesswoman who confessed to plotting to kill her husband was let off the hook Thursday.

Ms Faith Wairimu Maina walked to freedom after her husband, Mr John Muthee, withdrew the complaint. She had admitted that she had hired hit men to eliminate him.

“I want to forgive her for the sake of our children and family,” Mr Muthee told a magistrate at Milimani Law Courts.

The woman initially pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy to kill after she was arrested but later changed her plea to “not guilty” and was due to be prosecuted.

Police allegedly uncovered the conspiracy after undercover detectives posing as hitmen received a down payment of Sh40,000 for the hit job.

Prosecutor Onesmus Towett said he had been informed the couple had reconciled and that Mr Muthee was eager to have the case closed.

The woman’s lawyer, Mr John Swaka, said he had no objection to the withdrawal.

“I am aware the parties reconciled, they have sincerely buried the hatchet…the court allows for such negotiations in litigation,” he said.

“She is my wife and the mother of my children, I am forgiving her for the sake of the family,” Mr Muthee said.

The court had been told by investigating officers that she hired “hitmen” and paid a down payment. She also demanded the bloodstained clothes of her husband as proof of his death before paying the balance of Sh160,000 .

The detectives said it was her second attempt at having her husband eliminated after an earlier contract flopped when would-be assassins developed cold feet despite being paid Sh40,000.

An alleged extra-marital affair her husband had had with a woman identified as Njeri Wambaa had reportedly incensed her.

Nairobi chief magistrate Kiarie Waweru ordered Ms Wairimu’s file closed and acquitted her. He also ordered a title deed deposited for the Sh500,000 bond

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