Rachael Shebesh comment on social media and the reaction

Something is wrong with Rachael Shebesh or wrong with us.Just before the dust settles after the second clash with Sonko,she went on social media and posted a message that has provoked negative reaction from her fans.

Her face book message said “im a politically bold woman, I will to inject a brilliant sense of confidence in your political demands and desires”.

Seriously,did she have to say that before clearing the air as to what happened between her and Sonko. Here below are some of the comments:

  • Baba Alex. Madam, with all due respect, pls take a sabbatical break from politics. Your husband and children are more important than your perceived sense of boldness. Please, i beg you. Your reputation has hit rock-bottom. You need to salvage your family before y…See More
    • Nikita Domino. she is a joke
    • Arthur Ogendo. Dont worry Rachel. Its a passing cloud. Things will resolve. Lakini mtafute yesu na atakuonyesha njia za hekima.
  • Beaty Myner. this is not about boldness but wisdom to know how to speak what to speak where to speak n whom to speak to
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  • Abraham Migel. you intend to inject change??Change your Behaviour from Mama Mbogas behaviour to Hon Racheal Shebesh n
  • Ruth Waithera. Hon Shebesh with all due respect take a back sit for awhile and do some soul searching. I voted for you but I am very disappointed in the resent happenings. It is not a matter of who is right or wrong. You are a leader and some things are unacceptable. Today I was insulted for admitting I voted for you and Sonko
  • Baffins Queen. Its such a shame what kind of a leader you are.where are ur virtues and character as a Woman??Behave!!
    .Joseph Kiambi. but you need to change

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