Video:Bishop TD Jakes apologizes for “Kenya” comments


Bishop T D Jakes comment  stating that natives in Kenya drink water because of his ministry was not received well by many though he was stating the truth of what he has done in Kenya.He has issued an apology here below.


An attempt in last Sunday’s sermon to distinguish myself from an American television program portraying preachers in a manner that I found unseemly has caused some offense in Kenya. For that I apologize.  My intent was to show the extensive humanitarian efforts by TD Jakes Ministries through its MegaCARE arm as a means of further distinguishing this organization from the TV program’s exclusive focus on the personal material wealth of the individual ministers over the works of the Gospel.  The attempt was to highlight one well and one hospital wing in Kenya as one example of this ministry’s worldwide efforts. It was by no means meant to take responsibility for an entire nation or to minimize the contributions of its people. My focus has always been about the mission of helping hurting people in every circumstance of life, anywhere in the world. The extemporaneous comments when taken out of context convey a meaning far from the intent of my heart. I meant only to communicate to my constituents that my love is for people as demonstrated through years of practical ministry. The fact that these heart-felt words have been taken to mean anything other than their original intent deeply saddens me. I love Kenya and the entire continent of Africa. I am proud of its efforts and grateful to have had an opportunity to minister to its people on numerous occasions.  I trust that this explanation will end this apparent misunderstanding. In His service, Bishop Jakes

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