Video;With goat in tow, man walking from Seattle to NYC for Kenyan children

 KANSAS CITY, Mo. — He’s trekking across the country with a goat by his side all to raise money for children in Kenya. FOX 4 caught up with Steve Westcott as he made his way through Shawnee on Wednesday afternoon.

His journey began in Seattle, Wash., in May of 2012 and he’s walking all the way to the ‘Big Apple.’ He said he’s doing it to raise money to build an orphanage for 34 kids in Nairobi, Kenya.

“When you want to do something big and different and unique everybody’s going to say, ‘Why? Don’t do it like that, that’s weird!’ They try to put doubt in your mind, but this was the vehicle,” Wescott said.

As for his goat (which he bought on Craigslist), he bears the name Leroy Brown, the baddest goat in the whole dang town. Wescott said he heard goats are good pack animals, but didn’t realize Leroy Brown was going to be so slow.

“Hopefully [we’ll get there] before Jesus comes back or before the end of the world,” Wescott joked. “Goats are slow, man. I don’t know what to say. I don’t know when we’ll get there.”

But Westcott is determined because there are kids in Kenya who are depending on him.

So far his efforts have raised about $20,000. To learn more about Wescott and his cause, click on this link.

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