Video:Former TLB Chairman Hassan Ole Kamwaro 69 marries 23 year old girl

Former Transport and Licensing Board Chairman Hassan Ole Kamwaro married his third wife Eunice Sossion in a colorful ceremony on Saturday.

Ole Kamwaro, 69, married the 23 year old bride hoping the third time is a charm.

Ole Kamwaro lost his first wife to a road accident and his second ewife walked out on him when he was undergoing treatment in the US of an undisclosed ailment.


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  1. Wilson kiguthi nyakio Hassan says

    Am lookg for Hassan ole kamwaro the formar transport ad licencing manger ad i am an able tu connect wth him bkz i am his many year lost son to him so if u hve seen him just tell him tht his son is still alive and he iz in need of him alot my # is 0704210251

  2. Wilson kiguthi nyakio Hassan says

    If u just see this message just mke me know more on how i can be connected wth u ?;!

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