Tujuane Moves Out Of KTN. Finds Home In Another Station


They are the matchmakers. They are the star makers. They are the news makers. They are Yvonne Bulimo and Malonza and they brought you Kenya’s most popular dating show Tujuane.



Tujuane is a first of its kind in which the hosts scout the streets of Nairobi with the aim of hooking up the single people encountered on the street. We have watched the good dates, the bad and awkward dates, the uncanny dates and finally the ratchet dates.

News coming in is that the premier dating show is moving to a new home. We first got the admission from Standard Group’s artist Kenny Kaburu, who coyly said that ‘Tujuane has left my employer.’ Then we called up Malonza one of the hosts of the show who confirmed that yes they were moving to greener pastures but he wouldn’t reveal where they were moving to exactly telling us to “keep our eyes open.”

If I’m to hazard a guess, I would think their most likely destination would be NTV, seeing as Citizen has very little room in their weekday primetime schedule for such a show.

But there you have ladies and gents,keep your eyes open


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