Kabogo bows to pressure, apologises over women slur


Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has apologised over remarks he made that were seen to disparage single women.

Speaking during a prayer meeting in Ruiru on Tuesday, the embattled governor sought forgiveness from those he says he may have offended.

“Mimi ni mcha Mungu. Mambo mingi haina maana, Biblia inasema tuwasamehe wanaotukosea na mimi kama kiongozi hapa Kiambu nasema hivyo. (I am a God fearing person. There is no need for antagonism, even the Bible says let’s forgive those who wrong us and as a leader for Kiambu I say the same),” he said.

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The move comes just days after the governor was categorical that he would not apologise, insisting that he had been quoted out of context.

The governor was on the spot after he publicly stated that unmarried people are unfit to hold office, a statement seemingly directed at his fierce critic Thika Town MP Alice Ng’ang’a.

The youthful Ms Ng’ang’a was behind demonstrations in Thika town where traders protested against the increased levies introduced by the government Mr Kabogo presides over.

With the governor under fire because of his abrasive style of leadership and his rejection of the former Kiambu County Council’s offices because they were not fit for him, Ms Ng’ang’a was among MPs from Kiambu who criticised him.

She then found herself on the receiving end of his barbs on January 26. A scathing attack on the governor then followed with leaders accusing him of disrespecting women and urging him to apologise. -nation.co.ke

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