“Not in Africa”:Lobby plans anti-gay protest


A peaceful anti-homosexuality protest march dubbed “Not in Africa” has been planned for February 24, the Maendeleo Ya Wanaume activist Nderitu Njoka announced on Tuesday.

Speaking to journalists in Nairobi, Mr Njoka said the phenomenal growth for gay and lesbian rights was alarming and has become a threat to the social fabric of the African continent.

Our leaders must be ready to state their stand on this issue…this pervasion by a few people calling themselves gays and lesbians must be nipped in the bud, its is an embarrassment and an abomination,” he said.

He said homosexuality “is an affront to nature, religious and biological norms.” It is a disgrace to the men and women victims who are supposed to be role models with upright morals in society,” Mr Njoka said.

“It is an affront to the very will of God and disgrace to world leaders like President Obama who has openly supported gay relationships,” he added.

Mr Njoka said he had drafted a private bill he be tabled in parliament on gay and lesbian relationships. “Our President and political leaders must be ready to state their stand on this issue,” he said.

He called on anti-gay activists to join in the planned protest march by saying together “Not in Africa.”

“I request all men in Africa to wear white or red shirts and women to wear white or red tops so as to signify together that Africa is a no gay or lesbian continent,” the activist said.

He said the protest will be held in Nairobi but called on supporters world wide to “join this day of protest by observing the dress code.”

Mr Njoka said divine intervention could help the continent out of the “cult-like” grip of homosexuality.

“It is a cult of a few people and they are now recruiting even children in schools,” said Mr Njoka.

He said that students and uniformed personnel who wish to join in the protest can pin red or white insignia or wear armbands as an outward sign against the gay and lesbian movement.

“Africa is built on strong cultural values that cannot be sacrificed at the alter of perversion,” the activist charged. He said the gay rights advocacy which has lately gained momentum worldwide is “by itself is an evil cult.”

He said he was supporting the anti-gay Bill in Uganda and urged the country’s president to ascent to it.

President Barrack Obama has criticised the proposed law which seeks to ban homosexuality in Uganda warning that it will complicate the two country’s relationship.

Mr Obama has openly registered support for homosexuality saying “people everywhere should be treated with dignity and equality.”

In Kenya homosexuality is a criminal offence punishable by imprisonment. It is classified as an unnatural act attracting a penalty of up to six years in jail.-nation.co.ke

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