Betty Tett’s son accuses family of treating him as ‘black sheep in the family’


Betty Tett’s son accuses family of treating him as ‘black sheep in the family’

Betty Tett's son accuses family of treating him as ‘black sheep in the family’NAIROBI, KENYA: A foster son of former MP Betty Tett, serving a death sentence has blamed the politician and her husband for his conviction claiming that he was treated as a black sheep in the family.

David William Tett who has lodged an appeal seeking his release on bail told the High Court in Nairobi that the reason for his arrest, fabrication of evidence, and subsequent   conviction by a magistrate,  arose solely from  a petty family feud  between him and the family. “It is the accused contention that  his parents view him  as a black sheep of the family  and a failure .

The criminal proceedings  are a way  of seeking revenge and malice,” his  lawyer John Swaka said. Former Nairobi magistrate Kiarie Waweru Kiarie, now judge  handed the death penalty to David after he found him guilty of robbing his father at gun point in June 28, 2013. But   David, claims that there is a possibility that the case was manufactured by three other children of  Mrs Tett and William Mulready Tett, who have an interest in portraying him in bad light  so as to prevent him from getting family land.

David whose case was before judges Msagha Mbogholi and Lydia Achode  argued that  the case was manufactured  because  the witnesses were from the family of  Mrs Tett and Mulready including their workers. David has also asked the court to release him on bail pending the determination of his appeal because he is suffering from diabetes. He says the medical facilities in prison are inadequate for him. But the  the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP)   has opposed the release of William on bail pending his appeal.

“The appellant is indeed a high flight risk since he has already been convicted for a  capital offence  with a mandatory  death penalty . The propensity to jump bail is overwhelmingly high compared to that of fulfilling the terms of bail granted,” said prosecution counsel, Victor Kabaka. The prosecution has also dismissed the claims by David that  his conviction was based on family feud. “His allegation of having been a black sheep in the family, was disapproved by evidence to the effect that  he was always assisted  when in need by  his foster parents,” added Kabaka.

Kabaka added that the David’s defence was considered by the trial court and rejected for lack of credibility. He was also found to be a pathological liar, he told the court. The court will on May 13 decide if David will be released on bail pending appeal.
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Betty Tett’s son accuses family of treating him as ‘black sheep in the family’

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