Shocking: Raila’s Facebook admn Demands Kshs. 3.5Million to surrender account to the former PM


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Courtesy of the a ward winning blogger- Robert Alai, we know exactly what is happening with former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s Facebook page. Here is Alai’s revelation; this is very true considering the former PM’s FB page posted a message that was un-presidential.

Ok. Let me tell you what is happening with Raila Odinga page. A person called Aron Shaviv is said to be holding the account illegally. The man has been demanding that Raila Odinga pay him around $42,000 as he is now in control of the Facebook page or he will use the page to cause damage to Raila’s personal reputation.

So the police and NSIS knows about this and Facebook security has been informed. Raila Odinga is waiting for action from the security agencies to shut down the page.

The said Aron Shaviv is said to be known to one Apollo Orengo and no one else.

This revelation proofs one thing; that the former PM despite his strong brand, he employed quacks as managers. Somebody explain to me how a stranger was given the responsibility of managing the Prime Minister’s Facebook book? this is a grand scandal that needs to be investigated and possibly have somebody facing a firing squad

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