Crackdown on illegal immigrants extended to counties


The crackdown on illegal immigrants will be extended to the 47 counties as police step up fight against crime and terrorism.

Interior Principal Secretary Mutea Iringo Friday said the crackdown on aliens will continue until all the suspects and prosecuted.

“We have no apologies to make; we must rid the country of possible threats to peace and tranquillity for the sake of development,” said Mr Iringo while addressing western Kenya security chiefs in Kisumu.

He blamed political interference as the main hindrance to the ongoing operation against alien proliferation in Kenya.

“Owing to the sentiments made by some leaders criticising the current crackdown, we want to make it clear that nothing will stop us until we get rid of criminals threatening the lives of Kenyans,” he said.

Mr Iringo indicated that security officers have instructions to carry out the operation without fear of interference by political leaders who feel their communities are targeted.

He said the government was not profiling any community adding that criminals are not defined by religion.

“We must apprehend all suspects especially those without proof of their stay in the country. The same applies to refugees who are caught outside the gazetted camps of Daadab and Kakuma,” he said.

He also asked refugees to return to the camps.

He at the same time said security agencies in the country will be taken through a rapid results initiative for the next three months starting April.

The move will help them contain mushrooming criminal gangs, drug abuse, poaching, corruption and proliferation of small arms at porous border.

Legislators from Busia County supported the ongoing security operation.

Nambale MP John Bunyasi said potential terrorists may not be in Nairobi’s Eastleigh estate alone.

He differed with critics of Usalama watch operation saying politics should not be drawn into the

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