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‘She cheated on me 13 days after our Easter wedding’

A young husband’s worst fears came true recently after he allegedly caught his wife sleeping with another man, just 13 days after their wedding on Easter. Bonface Oduor told The Nairobian he was shocked to learn that the woman he has courted for six years has been cheating on him all along.

The couple from Ukunda in the Coast had just returned from a five-day honeymoon in Malindi when Oduor allegedly found out Sheila Kayuga, a businesswoman, had checked into a lodge with a lover.

The couple separated after Oduor discovered more skeletons in her closet, including nude photos of herself posted on WhatsApp to a group of friends.

The colourful wedding at the Pentecostal Assemblies of God Church in Diani on April 13, which Oduor describes as a ‘massive investment’ was all a waste of time.

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The man who works at a hospital in the Coast vows not to live with Sheila again or get involved in any other relationship since he cannot trust women again. He had been warned severally by friends about his wife and ‘her lover’, he says.

“One close friend told me they busted my wife with man at a nearby guesthouse behind Ukunda,” he said.

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Oduor, 31, then went to the guest house where an attendant told him he had spotted his wife buying a packet of condoms at the reception before going into one of the rooms.

He was later shown the room but when he knocked at the door and called out her name, she did not open.

“I threatened her and forcefully opened the door only to find them together. I beat up both of them and left the room in anger,” he said.

The intervention

Three days later, their parents met to discuss the matter.

“I refused to discuss anything and had decided not to live with this woman again. We then agreed to go our separate ways,” he said.

Oduor was to find out more about the woman he had courted for six years from a phone he had snatched from her at the lodge.

“I found nasty pictures on WhatsApp which I decided to delete because they were embarrassing,” he said.The man further told The Nairobian that Sheila had previously cheated on him but he had forgiven her.

On New Year’s eve, just four days after their engagement ceremony, Oduor’s friends caught Sheila sleeping with another man and informed him. The couple had a fight but a local pastor reconciled them, Oduor said.

“The pastor urged me not to cancel the wedding preparations and I was convinced,” he said.

“What shocked me was his not involving our parents. He wanted it (Sheila’s affair) to between the three of us.”

Wife denies allegations

When contacted, Sheila admitted she was married to Oduor but refused to comment on the claim that she was found sleeping with another man.

“I was married to him, but I am not aware of his claims. Ask him more questions and I do not want to comment,” she said.

The man found in the lodge with Sheila told The Nairobian they were conducting ‘business negotiations’.

But according to Oduor, the man sells video cassettes at Ibiza market. “I do not know what they were doing with my wife in the lodging although he claims they were doing business.

He is well known to Sheila’s family and they have met at various events,” he said, adding that he is strongly convinced Sheila was not meant for him.

“I firmly believe that it was God’s wish that I know the character of the woman I was going to spend the rest of my life with, early enough before things get out of hand.

Sometimes in life, you’ve got to pick up the pieces and move on. As at now, it will take me years before I decide to ‘shop’ for another wife-material. It’s really scary.”

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