Dennis Itumbi Denies ‘Forged Academic Papers’ Allegations By NIS

On Sunday, the nation newspaper published a story claiming that the National Intelligence Service (NIS), had raised the red flag over Dennis Itumbi’s academic papers.

The report alleged that the Director of Digital, New Media and Diaspora Affairs in the office of the president is not qualified to hold such a key position. Apparently, Itumbi was among 50 parallel students from Kenya Institute of Mass Communication who received Diplomas while they were in fact enrolled for Certificates.

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“In 2001, he joined Kenya Institute of Mass Communication as a parallel student to pursue a certificate course in journalism. He, however, was awarded a Diploma in Broadcast journalism in unclear circumstances,” says the brief from NIS.

According to NIS, Itumbi led student unrest at the institution and used this as leverage to force the then management of the college to award him and his comrades the Diplomas.

Itumbi however took to social media to deny the allegations. This is what he wrote on Facebook.

If I forged my papers or forced/blackmailed anybody to do that, why not arrest me?

I am ready to present myself to any police Station to make arrest easier and faster….that is how criminals are and should be handled.

Thanks guys for all the calls and comments, asante KIMC for all the photos sent my way reminds me alot. I cannot respond to all, but you got my appreciation.

He also retweeted a series of tweets kinda denying the story. Some of his former classmates also came out to rubbish the story.

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