Police search Nyahururu home of Maina Njenga’s brother

Police officers on Monday raided the home of a brother to former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga in Nyahururu. The more than 10 officers stormed the home of Kamunya Njoroge at Riverside estate in Nyahururu and searched it in a 30-minute operation.

According to a relative who asked not to be named for security reasons, the officers demanded that they surrender any paraphernalia that belonged to the outlawed Mungiki sect.


“They came and ordered us to open all the houses and demanded that we give out things that belonged to the sect. When we insisted that we were not members, they entered and ransacked all the houses,” he said.

Relative complained that the motive of the raid was not explained to them.

“This is just harassment because the officers did not tell us why they were ransacking our houses. They did not even have a court order in the first place,” he said. He accused the Government of harassing their family as the raid occurred during the day. Nyandarua West District Deputy County Commissioner Paul Famba said some officers were posted there to monitor the security situation.

“We were just doing security patrols in that area. The police officers only entered the home and came out without taking anything,” he said without divulging any further details.

-The Standard

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