Double tragedy as Kenyan actress Jastorina’s mother dies


Nancy Nyambura aka Jastorina.
Nancy Nyambura aka Jastorina.[PHOTO: COURTESY]
NAIROBI, KENYA: It was double tragedy for the family of actress Nancy Nyambura aka Jastorina when her mother died of shock upon learning of her daughter’s death.

Nyambura, who died of menegitis hours after being crowned the Best Performing artiste in a TV Comedy at the Kalasha Awards, was followed by her mother who had been admitted at the Kijabe Mission Hospital.

“The ailing mother, who had been admitted at the hospital, died of shock on hearing the news of the daughter’s demise,” said a close family friend and Nyambura’s colleague Irene Ayimba.

Nyambura, who is from a humble background, was staying with her uncle in Nairobi’s Dandora.


Details are now emerging that the death of Jastorina may have been avoided had she received timely medical attention.

When she fell sick, she had to seek medical attention at Kenyatta National Hospital but had difficulties raising funds for the medication.

“It was hard to get family members but help came from colleagues and the uncle who enabled us to rush her to Kenyatta National Hospital,” said Irene.

And when well-wishers took her to hospital, it took another 24 hours before she could be admitted despite the fact that she was in critical condition, Ms Ayimba said.

The narrative of Nyambura fits in the jigsaw of many artistes who enjoy national limelight and fame but lead life in squalor with no social security.


Many artistes have no regular salaries let alone health or life insurance.

Recently, the star of The Rise and Fall of Idi Amin, Joseph Olita died a pauper after suffering a fatal stroke while burying his mother in Alego, Siaya County.

“We have thought through the same and that’s why we are currently working with the National Health Insurance Fund to have all our artistes covered,” said musician and theatre producer Alliwah David who is the Chief Executive at Theatrix Arts Ensemble.

Nyambura was popular for her starling role in the TV series Jastorina and her role as a defender of the rights of househelps touched many.

May be her own reality where her rights as a productive artiste were trampled on gave her the much inspiration to act.

Nyambura is survived by two sons.

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