Kenyan passport among five strongest in Africa

THE Kenyan passport is the fifth most powerful travel document in Africa, an infographic by Rosie Spinks and published on Good Magazine website shows.

Kenya ties in the position with Namibia, Lesotho and Gambia.

Seychelles’ passport is the most powerful in Africa, which means holders of her passport have the most freedom to visit other countries.

The ranking evaluates the strength of a passport depending on travel freedom the holder enjoys.

The Eritrean passport will give its holders the hardest time to travel around the world with.

Mauritius, South Africa and Botswana are in position two, three and four respectively.

Holders of Seychelles passports can visit 126 countries without a visa or by receiving one upon entry.

Mauritius citizens can  travel to 123 countries while their South African counterparts can travel to 94 countries.

With a Botswana passport, one can visit 70 countries.

Eritreans  can only visit 36 countries freely.

Sudan, South Sudan, Libya, Congo, Djibouti, Angola, Ethiopia and Burundi have the weakest passports in Africa.

Citizens from the countries have limited travelling freedom.

Somalia and Liberia are not captured in the data.

Globally, Finland, Sweden and the UK passports are the most powerful while the Afghan passport is the least valued.


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