“REVELATION CONCEPT:While the politicians are looking for numbers to convince people for earthly positions, God is looking for one righteous person to convict people for salvation to eternity and speak the word to our nations so that peace may prevail and the gospel may find its way to where it was sent for.

More so to stand in the gap at a time like this in Kenya and the world at large. Mark 16 Let’s Pray and destroy all the plans of the devil and especially during the planned Monday political rally.

Saba saba must be turned to be the biblical Double Seven=14. and we are on year 2014. The year of a double portion of God’s blessings. Two stands for the two witnesses in the book of revelation. Double gospel witnessing power. THIS IS. “THE YEAR OF TRIPLE DOUBLE”

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Double blessings, spiritually,double physically and double materially.ALL FOR THE GLORY OF THE LIVING GOD. TAP FOR THESE PROMISE BY A BIG AMEN.
(Twitter: @ApostlesOffice)” – Apostle Mary Magdalene Wangui founder of The Will of God Church and Ministries.

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