My Money Story: A Conversation About Money & Wealth

It’s said that the young people of today, are the leaders of tomorrow. From the leaders of today, we have certain expectations, whose outcomes are a proper reflection of the current state of our society. This is judged from the decisions they make to how they execute them. There are so many factors that when integrated are used to define the success of a leader and among them, is how they manage their money.

To prepare the young people of today to be the leaders of tomorrow, what better idea than to invite them to an event where they can hear the money stories of influential leaders within our community. This is because the young people are now transitioning from being dependants to facing the need to secure a financial future. For many, this is a scary thought. There’s an expectation for young people to have knowledge and understanding of financial matters yet no one is willing to teach them. When it comes to money and wealth, two types of young people come;

  • Those who think about their financial future often but have no idea where to begin.
  • Those who have no thought about their financial future.

With this in mind, The Arena seeks to bridge this gap by holding a forum to encourage young people to start taking steps towards financial independence. They have invited a panel of speakers (Olive Gachara, Miss Mandii, Chris Kirubi, Michael Muthiga and Waceke Nduati), who will share their experiences regarding money and wealth. The event is titled ‘My Money Story’. The objectives of the event include:

  • To encourage generation Y to make better money decisions early in life
  • To promote responsibility of money
  • To encourage entrepreneurship through our Young Enterprise tables
  • To make accessible products and services tailored to help young people make financial decisions through our corporate table

Chase Bank has partnered with The Arena to give the youth that follow us or bank with us the opportunity to learn from the experience of influential entrepreneurs on investments, savings and personal finance management as well as provide you with a platform which will enable you to manage your finances.

We have a couple of tickets to give away! Share with us your Money Story on the comment section of the #ChaseStories blog and stand a chance to win the tickets for this event at University of Nairobi, Central Catering Unit Hall, on Saturday, 16th August 2014 from 1:00pm.


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