Raila attacker caned him because he is tired of referendum calls


The man who caned Cord leader Raila Odinga twice during a rally in Kinango on Monday has told police he did it because he is tired of the referendum calls.

Police arrested Lengo Mzombe, 40, from Gibana area in Kaloleni on Tuesday and interrogated him for hours. A source familiar with the interrogation told the Star that Mzombe said he is tired of the continuous campaigns.

Mzombe is said to have told police that the country had just had an election and he did not see why fresh campaigns should kickoff.

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He is a farm hand at Nasim Khan home in the area contrary to earlier police reports that he was mentally ill. His employer’s wife Mansoud Khan said Mzombe is still new at her home.

Mzombe is still being interrogated by police on why he caned Raila and Kwale governor Salim Mvurya during the Cord Okoa Kenya rally in Kinango.

The rally was interrupted briefly on Monday when Mzombe stormed it and started attacking Cord leader Raila using a walking stick. Odinga and other leaders were dancing when the drama started.

The old man managed to sneak among dancers and hit both Raila and Mvurya twice with the stick before bodyguards overpowered him. It was not immediately established why he hit Raila.

Both Raila and Mvurya’s aides were nowhere in sight when their bosses were being punished for mistakes they weren’t aware of. Kwale county publicity officer Omar Mwagao later wrestled the man to the ground.

Mwagao snatched the stick as Mzombe attempted to land yet another blow at the governor who was astonished by the turn of events as Raila watched.

Kinango AP commander Peter Musyoka said on Monday that the man could not be arrested and held in custody because he was mentally ill.

“We cannot arrest a mad person because we know him very well,” he told the Star.

Mzombe is expected to be arraigned in court.


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