A Diaspora perspective-Village Economics


Kawira NjeruKawira Njeru was born at Ruguta village near Chuka, Kenya. She grew to love literature and poetry by the fire in her home while her mother cooked and told stories. Kawira lives in Germany, where she is an active member ofDiscover e.V, a Charitable Organization based in Winnenden, Germany, whose core values are to help people discover the resources for health and healing in their community and their environment, and to help individuals discover their skills and abilities beyond what is usually recognized by themselves or others.

Kawira is an author whose literary style is profoundly and proudly influenced by her African roots.

“Give a child the key and they will learn to open doors and once they open them, they will know what steps to take, they hold responsibility in their hands……

Giving handouts to young children and their parents in the villages in Africa is great, but it is more noble to give that child and her family education to support and improve their lives.
Education is not sorely Formal/western form of schooling…but a combination of the former and past knowledge of skills handed down through generations
My Goal is to educate the young generation on the skills and resources in their locality.
To steer their creativity and knowledge to their environs.
To positively influence and encourage their vision to make use of their wealth. To co-exist with nature, harvesting from her riches while preserving her for the betterment of a stable environment.
To create an attractive platform of networking to a leadership of substance.
If you offer a child some clothing, then provide the information that will drive her to produce her own clothing tomorrow,
If you offer a mother food, then put up a platform from which she can express her needs, her ability and network with others to create a food sustainable production foundation.
Encourage consumption of these products in the grassroots; supporting their own by appreciating their local goods.

We need to create and equip “information centres” in the grassroots, where they are easily accessible and manageable. Creating practical and productive projects.”

– Kawira Njeru

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