Historical welcome of President Uhuru Kenyatta to Boston



President Uhuru Kenyatta, who entertained Kenyans with an extraordinary wonderful speech which was full of advises to Kenyans living abroad, posed in the middle of his speech and said, “Kama mungekuwa munalimana hapa kama wanavyolimana Kenya, ingekuwaje hapa Merekani, ahh?”.

Kenyans who attended the Lowell meeting in thousands, waited patiently for their President to arrive at the venue of the meeting, for more than 3 hours after the scheduled time that had been set for the commencement of the meeting. Among President Uhuru Kenyatta’s 4 different meetings with Kenyans, during his two visits to the USA this year, the Lowell meeting was the largest gathering of Kenyans to meet the President. The hall of the meeting in Lowell was relatively very big and it was full to capacity. There were also enough car parking lots around. The meeting appeared to have been very well organized. Thanks to Ambassador Jean Kamau and all others who were involved in the organization of the wonderful historical meeting in Lowell Massachusetts, and also to whoever who invited the Mayor of Lowell to the meeting. There is no doubt that the unity of the Kenyans living in the New England area of the USA, must have attributed to the success of that wonderful meeting, which has made history.

President Kenyatta appealed to Kenyans living abroad to partner with Kenyans back home in investments. He wondered why Kenyans living abroad would shy from doing what is being done by Chinese and other investors who have been flooding Kenya from abroad. He asked Kenyans living abroad to sell their skills into Kenya through investments. He also advised Kenyans abroad to register all their new born children with the Kenya Government, saying that, although they are born outside Kenya, they belong to Kenya.

The President also questioned the current outcry for the amendment of the new Kenya constitution by a section of the Kenyan people, even before it has been implemented and before it has been given a trial. “How do you build a house and as soon as the house nears completion, you demolish it to build it afresh?. When would such a house be completed and/or how long would it take to build such a house if the trend is to build it halfway and then demolish it before completion?. Most likely such a house would never ever be built to completion”, President Uhuru Kenyatta posed. He asked Kenyans to give the constitution a chance and a trial before amending it. So far the new Constitution has not been implemented and it has not been fully tried. He sighted the competence of the current Kenya constitution and compared it to the US constitution. He asked the Kenya clergy to look for lawyers who can interpret both the Kenya Constitution and the US Constitution, saying that Kenyans will find out that Kenya Constitution is among the best constitutions in the world today.

President Uhuru’s wonderful speech and the good advice to Kenyans, which often caused laughter, left many Kenyans wondering and questioning the Migori incidence, although in Kenya, anything is possible, even very recently, Hon. Raila amolo Odinga, had a few “Bakoras” (whips) at the Coast, in front of a large gathering of Kenyans during broad daylight.

President Uhuru Kenyatta who was given a Key by the Mayor, thanked Kenyans in Massachusetts and promised to visit them again soon. He asked the big delegation of the Kenyan Clergy which attended the meeting, to start early preparations for his next visit, because during that visit, he will attend Church service and he will need to be taken round Massachusetts and have Nyama Choma.

Isaac Newton Kinity.

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