Kilifi MCA shot in night attack


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Adamson KadengeShela Member of County Assembly Adamson Kadenge Mwathethe sustained gunshot injuries on Friday night after being ambushed by unknown assailants at his Muyeye Karima residential home of Malindi Constituency.

Speaking at Mombasa Hospital on Saturday, Mr Mwathethe attributed his survival to ‘reflex action’ that blocked the gunman from shooting him directly to the left side of the head.

“God is great that I can speak to you after what happened on Friday at 11 pm. I was accosted by two people with crude weapons immediately I had switched off my car lights,” he recounted.

With a medic at hand to monitor him, the MCA narrated how he single-handedly fought off his two attackers before one of them whipped out a gun and aimed at his head.


“I stared death with my eyes and I knew this is it, but how I managed to stretch my left hand and push the gunman’s hand is still a mystery to me,” he said.

Thinking mission accomplished, the assailants fled on foot into the darkness as the MCA’s wife, who had been witnessing everything from the safety of the house, called relatives for help.

Mr Mwathethe regained consciousness, picked himself up and stumbled to his house where he made a call to the Malindi district criminal officer before losing consciousness.

Mombasa Hospital officials said his condition was stable and he would be sent to the theatre for surgery to repair his ‘badly’ bruised head where the bullet grazed.

The MCA said his life is in danger and blamed the ongoing ‘bad politics’ in the ward since the general election as the cause of his woes.

“I have not known peace since winning the Shela Ward seat. I have been subjected to court petition left, right and centre which culminated to a recent by-election that I,” he said.

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