Kisumu MP moves to block Raila son Fidel entry in Kisumu Central Constituency


FedelKisumu Central MP Hon. Ken Obura yesterday maintained his ground on the need for a new political front in Luo Nyanza as the clock ticks towards 2017.  The daring Obura hired youths to demonstrate against Fidel Odinga who apparently is set to challenge him for the seat he currently holds come 2017 – Fidel intends to run for Kisumu Central parliamentary seat.

As the region’s leaders met in Oyugis, a few miles away  in Kisumu city, a handful of youths led by Obura (in absentia) were picketing, warning ODM Party Leader’s son Fidel Odinga not to step politically in that town.

However, the youths did not cover enough distance to convey their message as others descended on them swiftly, ending their rantings prematurely.

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Luo Nyanza, the cradle of dissent politics, is developing so fast that leaders are finding more time to engage in real politics, thanks to several avenues of getting funds to develop the area, including CDF, Youth Fund, Uwezo Fund, county governments, etc.

While Fidel’s ambition to plunge into politics has increasingly gained traction, earlier, he was believed to be eyeing Kibra but apparently another political juggernaut in the name of Eliud Owalo, former campaign  manager of Raila Odinga, seems to have sent cold shivers in the spin of the younger Odinga.

Owalo’s candidature has been in the news with several quarters accusing him of all manner of ills – including those who want to pass blame – like former ODM ED Magerer Langat who claimed it was Raila -through  Owalo – who planned his ouster.

Owalo denies this. To accuse Odinga is preposterous. ODM staff called Magerer ‘immoral’ and a ‘blatant liar’.

Ken Obura is facing the worst backlash, having been given the nomination certificate in a ‘classical ODM’ manner even as violence rocked Kisumu with Abdul Omar (Dubai) supporters claiming they have been cheated out of their win. Obura won. But now, he claims he does not need ODM.

Obura is among legislators who have openly severed their loyalty to the ODM party and the CORD coalition, prompting party leader Raila Odinga to directly warn his types. He coalesces around the Jubilee government, obviously for the crumbs, and around Nairobi Gov. Dr Evans Kidero, also for the crumbs.

Obura is not known to have any stand on anything, except money. His former classmates aren’t surprised.

Raila Odinga, whom he rode to parliament hanging on his court, has sent a warning. Time is running out.

“From where I sit, I know supporting the policies of a failing regime can never be a path to capturing power. It is therefore my position that you are either with us or with them. You are for us or against us. It can’t be both,” warns Odinga.

Odinga yesterday lambasted a group of ODM MPs, especially Luo MPs, who have increasingly claimed they want to work with the Jubilee government for development’s sake saying supporting the policies of a failing regime can never be a path to capturing power.

“Opposition parties acquire power by constantly critiquing government policies and offering alternative realities. The short and clearest path to power for opposition parties is that of showing that they could have done better, that there are better ways to govern a country than what is being offered.”

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