Mzungu call Kenyans fanatics,says Religion Is A Kenyan Curse

One of the many things that are stupidly baffling about Kenyans is their religious fanaticism. One can argue that it’s just an African thing to be religious but it’s also one of those things that make it easier for other people to look down upon Africans. About 70% of Kenyans are Christians and only about 25% are adherents of indigenous religions. That means that majority of Kenyans have accepted to bury their heritage, what their ancestors believed in and instead have embraced a white man called Jesus. You don’t worship facing Mount Kenya or Lake Victoria or any of your traditional Gods any more but a fucking white man’s God who was created to make you look bad.Theirony is that the British who brought you the bible are no longer going to church. Their huge cathedrals are now museums for a few of you that have money to go there.

Many of you have sharp tongues to tell me to go to hell and you are the ones in hell. You are in hell because you don’t read anything else except the stupid bible. You depend on greedy preachers who take away your little money because you think they have divine powers yet they are just con men who are not smart enough to be politicians. You depend too much on other people like those stupid preachers, politicians and mzungus and that’s why you are still being colonized today. You need to start thinking outside your churches and classrooms and the bible. Otherwise you will always be poor.

I will not talk about Kanyari because I know Kenyans like gossip and useless stories like that instead of talking about investments and education.

However, one of my favorite religious lunatics in Kenya is Professor Owuor. Anytime he is on TV I would love to punch him in the face. The guy has performed so many alleged miracles that it makes mzungu research into pretty much all the problems you are facing obsolete. It is beyond me how he finds so many followers with such flawed miracles. You have to be extremely stupid to fall for that and even more gullible to actually pay him for his false duties. But I guess it’s just a fact that your mind gets very dull when you read too much bible without deeper thought.

 One fact is that even mzungu kids only start developing when they stop reading fairy tales between the ages of 7 to 10. But you are in trouble of not ever developing because even your leaders, some of whom have got good education still gather around such an idiot. No wonder Kenya isn’t moving anywhere!

But this is just a Kenyan thing because no other East African country is run by such religious hypocrites. There is also no other country so full of ignorant people who follow them so blindly like the people of Kenya. When I walk in Kampala, I see maybe just one dude preaching, unlike in Nairobi where every street corner has a preacher screaming nonsense then asking for money. I see them in the morning when I got to Java, I see them in the afternoon when I come back from Ngumo and I see them at night when I go to Ken chic. It’s also baffling how hundreds of the most hardworking people in East Africa always have time to gather around these street preachers and listen to their bullshit the whole day!

Kenyan TV is not any better because when they are not showing you outdated and stupid Mexican and Latin programs, they are showing you more preachers that ask you to send them money on M-Pesa. It’s better to watch National Geographic in the morning considering that many Kenyans have never even gone to see the wild animals in their country than watching a con man on TV.

And on a different note, In Kampala I never hear every five minutes, “Mzungu you want to buy a bag of useless crap for 2,000 bob?” People in Kampala are honest, sincere and mind their own business because they are actually hard-working!

Have a nice week.

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