That moment when:Moments and memories worth a smile


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There are moments in life, moments when you just sit back and laugh at anything, or nothing at all. I am talking of that moment when you’re in the shower and laugh out uncontrollably after remembering something stupid you did when you were a kid, or how naive you were some time back.

You see,  that moment, when you don’t know what you are thinking about. You are so carried away in your thought that you  can’t even see a friend waving, despite the fact that you are looking. That moment, when you are smiling at you, alone, and the next person wonders whether or not you are sane.

Life happens. That moment when you talk to yourself on the street, then later realize that you are actually a mad man, because you thought only mad men talked to themselves. I talked to myself in the city, after a con woman decently and smartly robbed me. That was quite a moment, you don’t want to experience.

Embarrassing moments come too. That day when you didn’t plan to visit anyone and wore torn socks then meet a friend who insists you just see where they stay. You have to remove your shoes. You excuse yourself and say you’ll come back another day, now that you know their place of stay.  Ha ha ha, that moment when someone passes by and leaves you holding your nose. You turn back and shake your head. Yet again, there’s a moment that happens. A foul smell in the room. You are very sure it is not you, but just to be sure again…you know what you do. (feel free to laugh)

Anxious moments exist. That moment when someone says they need to talk to you. You start guessing why , for hours, days, until your meeting. All your guesses were wrong, if you were day dreaming, you’re almost disappointed. ” Honestly? This is why you called for a meeting? You’d have said it on phone!”  If only they could read your mind.

Awkward moments when you’re in a quiet place, probably listening to an important lecture, then your stomach starts bubbling, so loud that necks turn. You try to hold it hoping it stops(so thoughtful of you). That’s the only day you forgot to put your phone on silent, with a very loud and funny tone that sets the room on a laughing mode. Moments.

A hungry man…..That moment when you are hungry and the only food you have falls on the floor, you quickly bend down and say “Germs are not aware” if anyone is watching.  These germs are very aware though, especially to children and when you’re not hungry. Aha!

There’s financial crisis everywhere. This is funny. That moment when you’re sure you have insufficient funds in your account but still go to the ATM for withdrawal. You keep checking the balance, just in case God visited. Meanwhile, there’s a queue behind you, will you please give them way?

What you’re looking for is just around you. If objects could talk….you know what I mean. That moment when you spend hours searching for something, give up and find an alternative, then after settling you see it right in front of you. You click, or slap it in your mind. I was so frustrated. I couldn’t remember where I put my glasses. I turned the room upside down. My eyes were itching already. Who took my glasses? How could they disappear just like that? Where do I start from?  As questions kept piling up I happened to pass by the mirror, and the person behind it wore my glasses. Arrrgh!

Soon,  we’ll have wireless phone chargers, who knows! That moment when your phone goes off, battery empty, when you totally need it. You are helpless and desperate. Wait for some minutes and turn it on again, hoping it can make a call. It blinks, or rather smiles at your desperation and goes to sleep. You can feel it.

Have you met smiling faces? The mouth, or is it the cheek line?(smile) is shaped in such a way that you’ll think the person is smiling at you. That moment when you meet that person and smile thinking they are mistaking you for someone else. They’re actually wondering if you mistook them.  A stranger’s smile is strange sometimes, but if the stranger is me, keep on smiling, its not my face, I intentionally smile at you…It doesn’t hurt.

These moments, and the memories, are worth a smile.

Feel free to share those moments.  Smile, anyway.


-By Liz Ekakoro:Diaspora Messenger contributor,

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