What is Christmas all about?

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Liz N EkaksLet me take you back to the days when Christmas was Christmas for me. Well, I don’t remember the last time I celebrated Christmas, I mean the Christmas I knew.

It is two weeks to Christmas and no surprises from mum or dad.  I wonder what they are still waiting for. Meanwhile, Beryl sneaks me into their house to show me a mirage of how her Christmas would look like. Her mother bought her a cream gown, packaged with a cap and a handbag(I cant believe I have nothing yet).  She then takes me to the closet and opens the new shoe pack, with “Paris” on it. No compliment, no comment. Was I jealous? No, I had not learned  yet how to compliment others. I admired though.
My mood changes. I loose appetite for food. I have nothing to wear on Christmas day.  I pray it won’t be a terrible day.
“Will we not celebrate Christmas?” I inquired from mama.
“Why not?” She seemed surprised.
“mmmm… Beryl has her Christmas clothe and shoes ready.” I stammered, “And you have not bought anything yet!”
I will save you the rest of the conversation. Bottom line, it didn’t end well on my side.
Those were days when I knew nothing about Christmas. I thought it was a day to wear new clothes, eat plenty and have lot’s of fun. I was a child. I thought like a child. That was fine, acceptable.
Now, I have an understanding  of Christmas, and wow! I look back and wish I knew it all along.
  • That it is the Christ in ‘Christmas’ who makes the day worth celebrating. That God so loved the world, He loved me, and sent Him to come, Just for me.
  • His being born of a virgin, against biology and science at large, tells me there’s nothing impossible with God. That my virgin dreams can conceive and deliver. I get the strength to soar on high and keep dreaming.
  • His joy is not to be celebrated in a day, but should abide in me always. Rejoice in Him, not just once, but in my whole  lifetime.
  • It is not about what I have, neither is it about what I don’t have, but that I have Jesus Christ, that He abides in me should be the greatest concern. Why will I not celebrate?
As you celebrate, don’t forget that Christ is the reason for the season.
Compliments of the season.
By Liz Ekakoro:Diaspora Messenger contributor,

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