Kenyan student commits suicide over cheating boyfriend


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Kenyan student commits suicide over cheating boyfriend

The late Fridah Makena

News that a student at Meru National Polytechnic committed suicide over her cheating boyfriend went viral on Thursday morning and opinions were split on the matter.

Fridah Makena, a young vibrant student, had decided to end her life after learning that her boyfriend ‘Kelvoh’ was cheating on her.

Before her demise, Makena told her friends that she had had enough and was tired of being alive.

According to some of her close friends, Makena often went out of her way to make the relationship work and would travel all the way from Meru to Cooperative University in Nairobi to visit her boyfriend.


“I think what hurt her most was not her boyfriend’s cheating, but the fact that he rubbed it in her face and made sure she knew.

“She loved him so much and was terribly hurt,” a friend said.

Despite frantic efforts to try and remind her that there is more to life, the girl recorded herself taking numerous pills and was found dead on March 1, 2019.


Kenyans online quickly weighed in on the matter and while some were harsh towards the deceased, others advocated for better training in handling conflict among youth and counseling sessions for all those battling depression.

Here are some of the reactions to the story:

Robert Kachebet: The world refused to heed her cries for help. Even those friends seeking anonymity should be ashamed of themselves

Boney Nduati: I sympathise with her close family members. They are the ones bearing the burden of her stupidity.

Adele Mbatia: It is really sad that one can take their lives because of a cheating boyfriend. If he doesn’t like u, move on. There is someone who will love u and treat u like a goddess. Love starts with loving oneself.

James Malla Ndunda: How can a girl so lovely kill herself because of a despicable boyfriend? There are many fishes in the water! Counseling required among the youth!

Rose Kwamboka Misati: This is sooo heartbreaking. Again let me say ‘no man is worth a woman’s life’ and vice versa.

Joseph Salama: We wait people to commit suicide then condemn them..when the signs were there we ignored them…there could be other underlying problems. we are not better than her.

Phanender Nekesa: Plz before you commit suicide think about your parents and siblings……they educate you to that level then this…….men…… learn to respect people who love you…..matters of the heart can be this serious.

Geokim Agencies: These girls shd learn how, to love, value themselves first before thinking or extending that love to somebody else…..May God comfort family and friends.


Kenyan student commits suicide over cheating boyfriend

Source The Standard Newspaper

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