Failure makes me sick-Why I don’t quit


I fail, countless number of times,

If I was to count, i’d get thousands of slides.

My jaws don’t allow me to bite more than I can chew,
Therefore, grinding it before I swallow to me is not new.

Failure makes me sick,
It gives me a terrible kick.

Forget about the rhyme, what i’m saying now is true,
Marked in my heart, stuck in my mind like the glue.

Failure gives me sleepless nights,
It makes me guilty of abusing my heavenly rights.

That’s why I don’t quit,
No matter the price I have to pay, I work hard at it.

I run to finish the race,
Or else I cant help but hide face.

It is pointless to work and be fruitless,
Fathoming it leaves me clueless.

To be called a quitter, I can never take.
Even though I miss it, I still stay awake.


At the end,it won’t matter how many times I was down,
But that I fought to the end and got the ‪#‎crown‬!

By Liz Ekakoro:Diaspora Messenger contributor

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