Nominate Candidate for John W. Kluge prize for the study of humanity


The Embassy has been invited to propose one or more individuals who would be particularly
worthy recipients of the John W. Kluge Prize for the Study of Humanity. To celebrate the 15th
anniversary of the John W. Kluge Center at the Library of Congress, the recipient of the next
Kluge Prize, scheduled to be announced in 2015, will be awarded a $1.5 million international
The Kluge Prize recognizes and celebrates work of high quality and great impact in areas that
advance the understanding of the human experience. The prize is conferred by the Library of
Congress and generally covers the areas of humanistic and social science studies that are not
included in the Nobel Prizes, but is also open to nominations covering other forms of inquiry
and areas of achievement that have contributed seriously to “the study of humanity.” The
recipient may be of any nationality, writing in any language.
The main criterion for a recipient of the Kluge Prize is deep intellectual accomplishment in the
study of humanity. A nominee for the prize need not have worked primarily in academic
institutions, but may also come from fields such as media, performing arts, or literature. By
the nature of their own creative pursuits or careers a nominee may have developed unique
insight into the forces that have affected the creativity and development of humankind.
The nominee’s body of work should have evidenced growth in maturity and range, having
earned unusual distinction within a given area of inquiry. It should exemplify values and
insights that have meaning both within and beyond the scholarly community over a sustained
period of time. It should, in large part, be understandable to scholars in a variety of fields, to
those involved in public affairs, and to the average layperson. Seniority is not a prerequisite
for recognition of such achievement.The Embassy wishes to invite members of the Diaspora to propose individuals whom
they believe merit to be awarded the prestigious award.
Letters of nomination should include the name, citizenship, address and other contact
information of the nominee, as well as a brief statement describing his or her achievement,
most significant publications, and your rationale for identifying the nominee as a worthy
recipient of the Kluge Prize.
In order to forward submitted nominations to the Library of Congress in due time, the
Embassy kindly requests that all material be submitted by Friday 23rd January 2015.
We thank you for your participation in this process.
Kenya Embassy
13 January, 2015

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