Short hair and the Kenyan woman

FIRST LADY MARGARET KENYATTAThey say the beauty of a woman is in her hair.

Well that’s true, but one might say that women with short hair natural look more stunning.

There is something very attractive about women with short hair -their confidence.

They don’t have to rely on the obvious femininity that long hair provides to turn heads.

Short hair has many other benefits.

It is cheap, it doesn’t get in the way during sporting activities and exercise, and styling it in the morning only takes a few minutes.

Women with short hair are also more hygienic since they can wash their hair daily, unlike those with weaves, whose hair gets smelly when it’s hot or when it rains.

They are also neither subject to the dangers of treating hair, such as scalp burns, not to residing hairlines.

Another advantage of short hair is that it highlights other facial features, such as bone structure and make-up.

Styling options are also many, contrary to what many might imagine.

They include shaggy hair, baby locks, tapered hair, styles that capitalise on accessories such as ribbons and much more.

Think about it- there’s a reason why most successful women, for example First Lady Margaret Kenyatta, Salaries and Remuneration Commission chair Sarah serem, actress Lupita Nyon’go and singer Emmy kosgey, have short hair.


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