Kenyan Woman Mysteriously Dies In Saudi Arabia


Kenyan Woman Mysteriously Dies In Saudi Arabia
The family of 41 year old Nancy Nduta is in shock after receiving news that their daughter had passed on in Saudia Arabia barely two months after leaving the country in search for greener pastures.

Margaret Wanjiku,  the mother to the 41 year old mother of three, says that her daughter’s employer called her in January this year informing them that she had been diagnosed with cancer and was fighting for her dear life in the hospital.


Wanjiku added that the employer said that her daughter had already undergone two surgeries to remove a tumour in her head and was scheduled to undergo the third surgery shortly thereafter.


Two weeks later, the employer called again but this time to convey the un-expected news that Nduta had passed on after falling on the floor while going to the washrooms moments after coming from the theatre.


Nduta’s family, however, maintain that she was in perfect health when she left for Saudi Arabia in October last year and it is not possible that she succumbed to cancer as she had passed all the medical examinations before her departure.




The family adds that they have only been receiving photos of the deceased while in hospital from her employer but were not allowed to talk to her.


The relatives now say they want to bury their loved one but have no money to bring her body home.


They have since reached out to the government but the Foreign Affairs Ministry officials told them to be patient since it would take more than five months to get her body back home.


All the family is asking now is for the government to intervene and assist in bringing the body of their slain kin back home so they can give her a decent send-off.


By Wangui Ngechu

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