Photos/Video:11 Year Old Genius Who is a singer, songwriter, actor and CEO.


Luca-Berardi-Betty-KyalloOn Friday night, KTN news anchor Betty Kyalo hosted an eleven year boy as his guest anchor. And to her surprise and the disbelief of many other Kenyans watching the program, the boy proved to be a force to reckon with during the entire time he was live on air.

The young Italian boy who is known as Luca Berardi, is currently living in Nairobi where he is a singer, songwriter, actor and CEO. Apart from all that, the multi-talented youthful lad can also speak fluently in six languages.

Amazing isn’t it? Well, here are photos of Luca Berardi, the young genius.

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Here is how impressive Luca was when he performed Micheal Jackson’s we are the world.


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