Former Nyambane’s 2nd wife,Linda Muthama getting married again!

Linda MuthameIt’s no longer news that Linda Muthama and Nyambane are no longer an item, since the story hit the headlines sometime back. And while droves weren’t backing the couple, because the ex-comedian-cum-communication strategist Walter Mong’are aka Nyambane was already married, they let them be in the spirit of happily ever after.

Nevertheless, there was an uproar when Linda called quits on the marriage quoting her busy schedule as the reason she and Nyambane could no longer fit.

However, the rumour mill has it that Linda is about to jump the broom once more. In an interview, Linda revealed that she is engaged and will walk down the aisle soon. “It’s not going to be long for me to get married. Soon you will all see the person who will be putting a ring on it.

But he is not Kenyan; just from Africa and not Nigerian or South African. Nigerians have the taste but I am not into them. If I go down South, just know it’s for the money.” What to say but the plot thickens.

By Wairimu Nyingi

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