Drunk policemanPolice in Nakuru town on Tuesday tussled publicly with a drunk colleague as they attempted to disarm him after he had threatened to shoot members of the public.

The drunken police officer in uniform had threatened to shoot mechanics in Oginga Odinga Street, Nakuru town.

The officer, identified only as Noor, is stationed at Bondeni police station. He is said to have been assigned to guard Lions Primary School.

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Noor insulted women selling spare parts before he was escorted out of the shop by one of the mechanics.

Mechanic Charles Serengwa, who is Noor’s friend, said the officer had a bottle of alcohol in his pocket and was sipping it during the altercation.

Mr Serengwa said Noor cocked his weapon and pointed at him, threatening to kill him.

“He pointed the gun at me and said he was going to pull the trigger,” he said.

Officers called to disarm him seemed to play hide and seek with Noor. They feared he might fire if he spotted them.

Noor hid in alleys, waving his G3 rifle aimlessly.

The one-hour incident forced chief inspector Penninah Kamicha of Nakuru town with other AP officers to come in to disarm Noor.

No shot was fired during the incident.

Suprisingly, after police had subdued him and recovered the rifle, a group of rowdy youth attempted free him from by beating up the APs.

The AP officers had to cock their firearms as the situation threatened to get out of hand.

Noor was booked at Bondeni police station .

His rifle was taken to the Central police station in Nakuru for inspection.

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