Video: These Are The Masterminds of Terror Attacks in Kenya


Three Al Shabaab terrorists have been named in a police report as the masterminds of recruiting youths into terror groups in the country.

The three have been reported to lure Kenyan youth using hefty cash promises and non-existent college opportunities in Somalia and the Middle East

They have all shifted base from Kenya to Somalia.

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Below are profiles of the three suspects.

Abdifatah Abubakar Ahmed

From Somalia but grew up mostly in Kenya

Holds a fraudulent Kenyan Identity Card

Deported to Somalia in 2008 for harboring Hazun Fazul and Saleh Nabhan

Sway young people in Mombasa and coastal regional and co-ordinates terrorists attacks at the coast

Spearheaded attacks in Lamu and Tana river county

Involved in attack on Westgate Mall in 2013

Also recruits women at the coast to Al shabaab

The women include Ummul Khayr Sadir, Khadija Abubakar Abdulkadir and Maryam Said Aboud.

The three were arrested in El Wak while attempting to cross to Somalia.

Ramadhan Hamisi Kufungwa

Abdifatah’s accomplice at the coast

Was an Imam at Masjid Musa Mosque

Fled to Somalia

Recruits youth and facilitates them to Somalia

Mastermind of murders of sheiks opposed to terrorist teachings and those working with the government, including Sheikh Idriss Muhamed

Provides logistical support to militia holed up in Boni forest

Ahmed Iman Ali

Studied Engineering at UoN under Higher Education Laons Boards (HELB) program

Social media terrorist

Is the strategist propagandist, appearing in several videos urging youth to take up arms and kill Kenyan kaffirs

In charge of facilitation networks for taking youths from Nairobi, North Eastern and Coast to Somalia

Recruited youth in Majengo, Nairobi to join Al Shabaab

His most ‘celebrated’ recruits are Abdalla Bin Abdalla alias Maalim Burhan and Hassan Omondi Owiti, alias Budalangi

Budalangi was involved in various grenade attacks in Nairobi in 2012. Was shot dead by police in 2013

Left Kenya for Somalia in 2009

Some of his recruits are said to have been involved in the attack on Baure KDF camp in Lamu in June this year.

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