VIDEO: 3 Dead, 11 Officers Injured as Residents Attack Police Station


A fierce exchange between police officers and agitated residents in Nandi County, left 3 suspected criminals dead and 11 officers injured, among them Nandi-Central OCPD Joachim Mecha and the DCIO Justus Nzalu.

Drama ensued at the Kamobo Police Post on Monday, after irate residents stormed the police station, baying for the blood of a suspected criminal who was locked up in police custody.

According to the residents, the man they were looking for, was part of a gang that had been terrorizing and killing boda-boda operators in the area.

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Hundreds of residents stormed the police post, venting their anger on police houses and pelting stones at the officers who tried to retaliate.

A dramatic exchange erupted with the police being overpowered by a humongous crowd, which managed to have their way. The residents descended on the man lynching him and later abandoned his body.

The mob is then said to have gone in search of two other gang members, whom they attacked and killed.

Deputy County Commissioner Richard Ajwang faulted residents for taking the law into their own hands.

The mobbing is said to have occurred in the wake of an attack on a boda-boda operator by an unknown gang, sparking the protests.

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