“Grey hair is a crown of splendor it is attained by a righteous life”


Today I move an year closer to achieving grey hair, to being a little more wiser and hence a little more righteous. Age should mean greater wisdom, holiness, love of Christ, and Godly example. But this is not always the case, so wise Solomon limited the proverb to those who have these virtues.

Can you name a more glorious old couple than Zacharias and Elizabeth (Luke 1:5-7)? They were both righteous before God, walking in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord blameless. What glorious silver crowns they wore of time-honored hair! What did God do for them? He gave them John the Baptist, the greatest man born of a woman!

I pray I grow old and wise with the one I love and raise our children in all wisdom like Solomon did with his son, I pray the same prayer for you.

 By Abraham Nganga


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