Ugandan comedian Ann Kansiime has drawn the wrath of her fans for publicly supporting incumbent Yoweri Museveni  in the upcoming presidential election.

Ms Kansiime, who has risen to continental fame for her comic acts, has been posting videos on her Facebook page in support of President Museveni.

The move however seems to rub some of her fans the wrong way.  The latest video she posted supporting President Museveni has been widely criticised, prompting the talented comedian to respond.

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A fan Danaiishe Otule questioned; “Kansiime u are campaigning for M7 really. This is the only time l stop being your fan. Pple are being killed 2016 is time for Uganda to experience change of power.”

To that, the hilarious comedian responded; “Don’t let my political opinion cloud your sense of humor.”

Another concerned fan Sekabembe Muzamiru lamented; “Me I stopped watching her long ago.”

Kansiime responded; “The problem with us human being is; we are good till someone’s opinion differs from yoz. Yet my friend, that’s just how life is.”

Since the Presidential campaigns started last year, top Ugandan entertainers have endorsed the candidature of President Museveni. Some musicians have even performed in his rallies.


Reacting to Kansiime’s videos, a fan Kezia Otoa questionedl; “How much were you paid for this??????”

To that Kansiime answered, “That’s not the point at all.”

Some of her fans however have come out to her defence, stating that she has a right to support a candidate of her choice.

Former Kenyan television anchor now turned media consultant Cynthia Nyamai commented on Kansiime’s Facebook pagestating; “Banange! But these comments are too funny! Has Anne stopped anyone from voting for their preferred candidates? She has a right to have a preferred candidate just as you. Let’s have some political maturity.”


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