Video: Officer Falls Down While Marching And What Uhuru Did


officer falls downAn administration police officer on Friday fell down while marching before President Uhuru Kenyatta, during the Police Passing Out Parade ceremony held at the Administration Police Training College in Embakasi.

The officer was throwing a kick in the air as part of their practiced routine when he suddenly lost his footing and fell on his behind.

The graduating cop did not lose any second on the ground but rather stood up very fast and joined his colleagues in their match before the Head of State.

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During the ceremony, President Kenyatta encouraged the officers to build a legacy for themselves reminding them that their duty and service to the country was a ‘higher calling’.

Kenyatta further urged the officers to be men and women of integrity and not to engage in corruption.

“Corruption, for instance, is a wretched vice that has claimed too many Public Servants. I urge you to be cautious and on your guard,” Kenyatta stated.

The incident follows a separate one where a military parade commander accidentally dropped his sword, during the procession in the 52nd Jamhuri Day celebrations graced by President Kenyatta.

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