Celebrate our women daily, they deserve more.


Have you ever waited for a special day to do something special for that special someone? Well, everyday should be a day for us to celebrate those we value and remind them about what they mean to us . However, getting used to them makes us forget the importance of doing this. Thanks to this special day set aside for us to acknowledge and honor the women around us. Thank you for you, our dearest mothers, sisters and friends.


Today, I celebrate the uncelebrated woman. Yes,  I celebrate you.


I celebrate all the grandmothers who have been forgotten by their sons and daughters; yet still stand strong even amidst mistreatment  from those the fruits of their womb married/got married to.  I celebrate those who have been left alone in the villages when their very own children enjoy city life.


I celebrate the mothers who have had to face rejection, insult and discontentment from those they carried for 9 months and endured the labour, upbringing and all it takes to raise up a child. For the heartbreaking disappointments they have to bear when their children turn out to be the least they expected yet they love them the same. Their reward is great.


My salutation goes to the single mothers who were mysteriously left to be the fathers of the home. Thank you for  facing the challenge and standing strong against all odds. The Lord is your strength.


I extol the women who can afford a smile even when their lives are hitting the rock bottom. Smile on, it serves you more than a frown does. The  woman who has been manipulated or even abused in the name of love. The heartbroken who still picks the pieces and  marches forward with sobriety; that woman whose efforts have never been recognized. Keep doing good and loving anyway, you add strength and value to womanhood.


Dear woman, you are indispensable. The world would be empty without you; it is because you are. Never underestimate your capabilities.  Fight on. Move on. Shine on. Embrace you every single day, give to the world around you. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Impossible is Nothing.


Receive my honor and  appreciation for being you, not only today, but always!


Happy International Women’s day

By Liz Ekakoro:Diaspora Messenger contributor


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