Mike Sonko Cuts Trademark Hair, Will Donate Bling Bling

Mike Sonko Cuts Trademark Hair, Will Donate Bling Bling
Mike Sonko Cuts Trademark Hair, Will Donate Bling Bling

Mike Sonko has taken up “decency” and shaved off his dyed hair ahead of the 2017 general election in which he will vie for Nairobi Governor.

The Senator said he has also been forced to give up the jewellery he “liked and valued so much”. He said in a post on Facebook on Monday that he now has to wear the jewellery at night.

Stress sana… This kiti ya Governor iko na maneno kweli. Style za kushave nilichange sasa ni decent [sic] ,” he wrote, in a mix of English and Kiswahili.

This loosely translates to: “Too much stress… The Governor seat demands a lot. I changed my hairstyle, it is now decent.”

Kuvaa bling zangu za zamani nikakaziwa mpaka nazivaa usiku… weekend pekee yake… mpaka sasa nataka kuzidonate .”

“I can no longer wear my ‘bling’ as much as I used to. I now wear them at night or the weekend. I want to donate them.”

Among comments on Sonko’s post was one defining stress as having to pay many bills and finding a job, bringing to the fore a key concern among youths.

“My Senator.. Hii si stress mbaya.. Ati kuvaa bling hiyo ni stress kweli? Kuna watu wana stress … How to pay rent, school fees, buy food, clothes… getting a job and so on,” wrote Greys Silver.

This translates to: “My Senator, that is not the bad kind of stress. Stress does not arise from the matter of wearing ‘bling’. There are people who are stressed…”

“Thank God for your type of stress…. You have my vote for governorship… Think of ways to make our city the very best… Stress za bling si stress .”

Social media user Faras Olaad asked the Senator why he has to parade his wealth for the poor people of Kenya.

Wewe mjuaji sana. Fanya kazi yako ya kuwakilisha maskini sio kuonyesha ati mavazi zako ni dhahabu na diamond ,” she said.

“You are so naughty. Do your job… represent the poor, do not show people that your attire includes gold and diamond.”

User Hez Bon told Sonko he was guaranteed to win the governor post in any county because he is loved and development-oriented.

The Senator said in January that he was ready and ” firmly in the race ” for the seat being held by Evans Kidero.

Sonko interacts with his supporters via social media in

posts written in sheng. He is hardly seen in formal clothing, in what some deem a tactic for freely relating with the masses.

He was kicked out of Parliament in 2011 for a “gangsta” hairstyle and wearing a lot of “bling”; he was in sunglasses and diamond earring studs.

MPs decided he had offended the dignity of the House and kicked him out. The then Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim said he had never seen a male MP walk into the chambers with earrings.



Mike Sonko Cuts Trademark Hair, Will Donate Bling Bling

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