VIDEO:Our Kenyan behavior that ticks me off-The line cutter

  • Helen Wakinyue NthambiriFOR THE LIFE OF ME, I’m unable to comprehend how the person behind me on a line, at any place requiring that customers queue for (hopefully) orderly service, decides that their time is more valuable than mine who’s keeping my manners in check and waiting for my turn.

I’ve been rudely cut off on countless incidents by a person behind me. They swiftly pass to the counter/window to present their need to the service person, and the service person shamelessly serves them without a care which side they popped from. The selfishness of the person leaves me embarrassed on their behalf and those I call my people. The silence, ” business as usual” attitude from the service person is also unfair, contemptuous and ill customer service.

The line cutter should be disciplined by getting sent to the back of the line.
A golden rule to effective customer service; ensure every customer leaves your entity feeling valued, appreciated, satisfied. To never forget that the customer took their time to come to you for a purpose/need. To purchase or get help from you, you who is placed there because I, the customer exist. Without me, your chair is non existent.
Regardless of your social-economic status, can those who are guilty make a habit of practicing the “love thy neighbour commandment” and rule of life, till it becomes your lifestyle, I beg. To value your neigbour’s time (a reminder that your neigbour is anyone in your space), to always treat your fellow human being with the respect and attention they deserve, just the same way you would want them to treat you.
And if you don’t give a hoot or are clueless of your behavior, then your problem is bigger. Let’s go to class on “Good Manners 101”.
Let’s begin talking,
Lets begin restoring & sharing hints on goodness.
Let’s reclaim our good manners.
OUT with undesirable habits,
IN with
spreading kindness, love, contagiously declaring:
We are Kenyans, we spread the glory of Kenya, in Kenya & world wide.

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From the desk of
Helen Wakinyue Nthambiri
Founder, Etiquette Passionista

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