Drama as gang that stole customer’s Sh2 million returns to KCB Naivasha


There was drama outside a KCB branch in Naivasha when three people who allegedly stole Sh2 million were caught committing another crime.

CID officers cornered the trio with their guns cocked while they were in their getaway car. They found crude weapons they believe were used to steal from customers.

Members of the public fled as the officers blocked the road using their cars to keep the suspects from fleeing.

Trouble started at the weekend when the three allegedly broke into a traders’ car minutes after he had left the bank and took the millions.

Witness Jared Karanja said on Monday police cornered them today after noticing the car used at the weekend.

“During the first robbery, the suspects included two women but only three men were arrested today as they planned to rob another trader.”

A senior police officer who sought anonymity said the suspects will be charged once they finish investigating.

In a daring heist on November 20, ingenious thieves drilled a tunnel from a sewer line near the KCB Thika Branch, entered the strongroom and stole Sh50 million.

A source who requested anonymity said the thieves dug a 50-meter tunnel from the sewer line through adjacent business premises, including an M-Pesa shop.

They dug the tunnel for months and put the soil in boxes to keep residents from raising suspicions.


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