Mzungu woman who had child with Kenyan step-son quits

Mzungu woman who had child with Kenyan step-son quits

Mzungu woman who had child with Kenyan step-son quits
Rebekah O’Brien, who had an affair with the son of her ex-husband, Rempesa ole Kirkoya [photos: Brigid Chemweno and JENIPHER WACHIE/Standard]
A 26-year-old London gym instructor who was at the centre of a love triangle between a Maasai moran and his son, a 19-year-old Standard Eight boy, has cut ties with her lover.

Rebekah O’Brien, who did not reveal the reason behind their break-up with Lawrence Kanare, said he needed a happy and secure environment for his son, named Kito, hence the decision to ‘leave’.

She said: “I do not wish to talk badly of anyone. Let me just say that not everyone is perfect, myself included. We had good times and we had bad times together, the bad times began outweighing the good. I need a happy secure environment for my son and so I made my decision to leave.”

Despite being Kanare’s step-mother, Ms O’Brien said she had got used to the idea of him being her lover, though it haunted her at times.

“Strangely as it sounds, I obviously got used to being his step mum in the past. I am also a very motherly person so I think I acted wrongly at times… Like a mother, not a girlfriend,” she said.

In an interview with The Standard, O’Brien, who currently lives in the United Kingdom, said she would take care of and nurture their son.

She said: “Lawrence and I are no longer together. We have not spoken for some time. I am in the UK where I will remain as I take care of my son. The reason we got together is because I felt safe and loved. I felt cared for by Lawrence and was finally happy after being in place of pure grief and sadness. This is why we got together and why my love for him grew. This changed over time for reasons I do not wish to disclose. I don’t want to upset or hurt anyone by talking of private things, but time changed us and it can’t be repaired.”

Nearly two months ago, O’Brien’s story hit international headlines after reports emerged that she had a relationship with Mzee Rempesa ole Kirkoya, 40, a Maasai moran from Olooshobor, Kajiado County. After their relationship ended, she began an affair with Rempesa’s first-born son, Kanare, and became pregnant, giving birth to a baby boy.

She recalled meeting Rempesa, who was a member of a dance troupe in the UK in 2013.

“I met Rempesa in the UK, then again on more than one occasion on my visit to Kenya. On his next visit to UK, he called me up to four times a day declaring his love for me. During my stay in Kenya, he had shown me great kindness and in my eyes he had become a lifetime friend,” she recalls.

She explained that Rempesa would later ask her to become his wife.


“After much apprehension on my part, I agreed. As I began my move to Kenya, he called to tell me to halt my move without any explanation. Some days later, his wife called me and told me to begin my travel. She told me that she was happy for me to come and hoped we could become a great family. So I moved to Kenya and to their home,” she added.

In the same year, she says she never stayed for long in the homestead as she went back to the UK due to what she termed as threats to her life.

In an earlier interview with The Standard, Rempesa’s brothers said they were angry with her after their brother sold a piece of land to entertain his lover. They said this did not go down well with Rempesa’s wife, who later committed suicide.

She explains: “I do not believe that he sold his land to entertain me. I don’t know if land was sold and that is not my business, but I was not entertained. I lived as a wife and family member not as some tourist to be entertained.”

O’Brien continued: “Our relationship was tumultuous. I do not wish to badmouth anyone or make them look bad. We broke up in 2014 and I returned to the UK to keep my unborn child safe.”

She admitted that they had a baby girl with Rempesa, but she passed on six weeks after birth.

“I had a daughter with Rempesa. I don’t want to talk more about her as you will understand it is a difficult subject for me. She passed on,” O’Brien told The Standard.

Though Rempesa’s family pointed a finger at her following the death of her co-wife in 2013, O’Brien said: “I feel we were both being told lies about the other, which broke our bond with my late co-wife. I feel she felt alone with no one to help. She was a lost soul and I can only imagine how she felt. I light a candle in church every year on December 29, the anniversary of her death and send love to her.”

Asked why she decided to have a relationship with Rempesa’s son, she confessed to not thinking straight.

“I was very vulnerable at that time. Maybe I was not thinking so straight. But I quickly fell in love with Kanare,” she answered.

When contacted by The Standard for comment, Kanare admitted they are no longer together.

“I am troubled. I cannot interact with the rest of my family members because of this matter. People cannot talk to me because I have committed a great sin. I am asking for forgiveness from my entire family members. I want to return home and concentrate on my education,” Kanare said.

Mzungu woman who had child with Kenyan step-son quits

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