VIDEO: Uber Chopper Forced To Land on Busy Mai Mahiu Road To Rescue Stranded Jalang’o

Jalang’o and a few of his friends were airlifted to Nairobi over the weekend after the Range Rover they were travelling in ‘overheated’.

The entertainer was returning to Nairobi after the 4th edition of Mashujaa Party at Crayfish Naivasha. Many big names in showbiz, among them Obinna, Big Kev, Owago Onyiro and Timmy Tdat were in attendance.

According to reports, Jalango’s Range Rover broke down somewhere along Mai Mahiu road, and it was then that he called for a chopper.



The artists were travelling in a convoy of 4 vehicles

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  1. LWK says

    Well, it didn’t exactly land on the road but on the side of the road. I see that it might have been more dangerous for J and his sidekicks to cross the road than to just ride in one of the other convoy cars. If they had 4 vehicles why did they need the Uber chopper? I didn’t even realize Uber had choppers. But then again J being a ‘star’ must have needed a separate ride (in the skies). I am only surmising, but it would be nice when regular peeps need medical care from road accidents they could get the same type of service. Afterall, they have a need to get to a casualty dept. quickly. Like ER fast, whereas I guess they just had to protect J from over-eager fans who might tear off his clothes or jewelry in their enthusiasm to get a piece of his belongings. Well he could have gotten a few scratches in the melee, hence the need for air-ambulance rescue I suppose. If the guy has 4 RRs then he must also have bodyguards. Anyway, here’s a shout out to the Crayfish Camp at Lake Naivasha and the stars who light up the sky at night there. Y’all are amazing! Every Kenyan and ex-pat living in Kenya should go for a visit. I have no connection other than having been there a few year’s back. But watch out for the hippos if there are any left in Lake Naivasha.

    BTW, the legendary song by one of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize winners, ‘Where Have All the Flowers Gone?’ should be sung at Lake Naivasha by one or two changes to the reprisal as follows: “Where Have All the Hippos and Flamingos Gone?”: “To the Flower-Growers Who Sucked Up All the Water in Lake Naivasha, Everyone” You know it’s true. But Crayfish and Naivasha live on!
    And Flower-Growers, please do your ecological duty and put back the water in our beautiful lake so our beautiful flamingos and not-so-beautiful hippos have a home.

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