Esther Passaris: I am in a polygamous set up and I’m not proud of it

Nairobi businesswoman and  Adopt-a-Light founder Esther Passaris. PHOTO | FILE
Esther Passaris

Esther Passaris on Tuesday admitted to being in a a polygamous set up which she is neither proud nor ashamed of.

The 52-year-old businesswoman, who is seeking Nairobi governorship, made the revelation during an appearance on the KTN Morning Express Show on Tuesday.

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She said; “I am in a polygamous set up and it’s not something that I am proud of, neither is it something that am ashamed of; you kinda learn to balance the two, this is the situation that am in and I’ve got to accept it.”


Ms Passaris has two children with billionaire Pius Ngugi.

The two had a court tussle in which Ms Passaris accused Mr Ngugi of breaching a promise to marry her. In the case, Ms Passaris sought monthly maintenance and a car.

Mr Ngugi also took the businesswoman to court for continuously harassing him by asking for more money and mismanaging their children’s trust funds.


In Tuesday’s interview, Ms Passaris revealed that she has already talked to her teenage children about *** and is closest to her daughter.

She added that she had tried involving her (Esther’s) ‘husband’ to speak to their son in vain. She now plans to involve her elder brother, who was beside the young man during his circumcision under Kikuyu rites, in parenting her son.


Ms Passaris further revealed that she has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Dyslexia, which have made it hard for her to put her thoughts together on paper.

“It is a disadvantage when it comes to academic learning because we have a terrible handwriting. I cannot read my own handwriting, we think faster than we can write so you find that sometimes we miss certain adjectives automatically and I didn’t realize this until after I had my children,” she said.

The Adopt-a-Light founder had on Monday lost an appeal to register her Harambee Party and took to Twitter to seek a name for a party that brings out unity.

She said she will appeal the decision at the Appeals Court, though chances are that she will run for the governors seat as an independent candidate.

On her candidature, Ms Passaris promised accountability as well as personally inspecting all county projects to ensure quality.

She faulted the current governor Dr Evans Kidero for spending more time in meetings and not getting on the ground until lately when the campaign season started.

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