Mama Sarah Obama salutes DonaldTrump


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Mama Sarah Obama. [PICTURE: ODUOR JURA]
Mama Sarah Obama, the grandmother of out-going US President Barack Obama, congratulated Donald Trump on his victory as the 45th President of the US.

“I want to urge him to work well like my grandson did. He should work hard to keep Americans united,” Mama Sarah told a group of journalists who visited her home yesterday morning.

She said she had no hard feelings because President Barack Obama’s tenure had come to an end.

“We expect the new President to preach peace to the world,” she said

Mama Sarah also urged President Obama visit her now that he was going to be a civilian. “He should come and visit us as a private American citizen,” she said.

But the majority of residents in Kogelo expressed their disappointment and displeasure following the election of Mr Trump. They said Mr Trump had threatened to deport Africans living in the US.

Benter Odongo, 50, said she could not believe Hillary Clinton had lost to Trump.

“We hoped Hillary would help us grow as a community the way our son Obama did because they are close, but now we have lost hope,” she said.

Ms Odongo maintained that they were not confident that Trump would work well with Africa.

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