Any Kenyan pastor who buys a private jet while doctors are on strike has no conscience.”


Any pastor who dwells on material prosperity while his or her congregants dwell in dire need and live in abject poverty lacks a moral conscience. This was the message by Pastor Kinyua of the Amazing Grace International church in Santa Ana, Orange County, California in a message that some will see as directed to the prevailing murmurs that a pastor in Kenya may have been gifted with a private jet worth billions of shillings by his congregation.

Pastor Kinyua, who is known for his brutal yet true criticism of vices that damn Kenyans like corruption, tribalism and nepotism noted in his preaching that the message of joy and gladness which form the core theme of Christmas, have been misinterpreted by some of men of cloth to mean material prosperity:


“I have a dream that one day I will drive a Range Rover. I can see it in my dreams. But the Range Rover will only take me from point A to point B. It is a material asset. It cannot fly me to heaven………..I mean, who gets to buy a multi-billion shilling jet when doctors are on strike? Why not use that money to say establish a hospital and tell the poor, ‘this is for you. I want to share my blessing with you,” added pastor Kenya.


Meanwhile, christians at the Lifeline Community Church in Buena Park, California, celebrated the Christmas Cantata on Sunday led by the Church’s Senior Pastor Moses Ndereba.


Part of Sunday’s show-stopping and jaw-dropping performances included christmas carols by a mass choir made up of Kenyans living in California, a children presentation and a play that reenacted the meaning of Christmas.


To see all the photos at the church event, click HERE

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